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Early Insights: Jade’s Quantum Kit in Honkai Star Rail Leaks

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Recent leaks from the Honkai Star Rail community, sourced from the reliable outlet Dimbreath, have unveiled an early glimpse into Jade’s abilities. It is suggested that Jade will likely emerge as a new support character in Honkai Star Rail, harnessing the power of the quantum element.

It’s important to note that the details provided are based on leaks and are subject to potential alterations. Therefore, readers should approach this information with cautious anticipation.

Leaked details about Jade’s abilities in Honkai Star Rail indicate that she will employ the quantum element, expanding the already diverse array of characters in the game. Jade’s skill set is centered around mechanics that drain HP and offer supportive functions, setting her apart as a distinctive addition to the gameplay experience.Jade’s unique skill set in Honkai Star Rail is designed to support allies by sacrificing her own HP in exchange for powerful boosts and abilities. Here’s a breakdown of her abilities:

Skill: When using her skill, Jade can sacrifice a portion of her own HP to provide an ally with a significant speed boost. If empowered by her A2 ability, the ally will also deal increased damage to opponents upon attacking. It’s important to note that Jade does not lose HP when using the skill on herself, and the speed boost can only be received once by an ally.

Ultimate: Jade’s ultimate ability unleashes area-of-effect damage on all enemies on the field, while also providing a buff for the follow-up attack.

Passive: Jade’s passive ability keeps track of the number of times adversaries are assaulted. Once a set threshold is reached, Jade can execute a powerful follow-up attack with increased strength. Additionally, reaching A6 ascension grants Jade a significant boost in critical damage.

Ascension 4 (A4): With her A4 ability, Jade gains the advantage of taking immediate action at the start of each round, allowing for strategic plays and setups.

Ascension 6 (A6): At A6, Jade’s critical damage increases with each enemy that falls, up to a predetermined threshold, amplifying her damage potential as the battle progresses.

Jade’s playstyle aligns with the trend in Honkai Star Rail, where characters with HP-draining mechanics like Blade and Jingliu are prevalent. Her role as an HP-draining support character adds a fitting dynamic to the game, offering unique strategic opportunities for players to explore.

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